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Free Fire MAX

Android Version Icon4.1.x+
Versione Android
2.103.1(24-01-2024)Latest version
(7287 Recensioni)
Age ratingPEGI-12
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Descrizione di Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX is a battle royale Android game especially designed for premium devices with high-end technology. Free Fire MAX is the Android game you need to download to find the best premium battles in different game modes; either between 50 players or in 4-men squads, with high quality voice chat available and the best graphics among the battle royale games available to download in Android. Free Fire MAX even includes the option to get creative with Craftland, since you can create your maps to challenge other players. 

In Free Fire MAX you’ll encounter the most fast-pace and deeply immersive battle royale gameplay for Android devices. Right after downloading Free Fire MAX you’ll join the fun with 50 players parachuting in a desert island full of details and secrets... and only one of those players will survive! The games are very quick, only ten minutes, so you’ll need to be very quick in gathering the supplies, including weapons, that you need to guarantee that you can defeat the other 49 players that stay on your way.  

The main difference you’ll encounter between the classic version of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX is in the graphics. This new version comes with much better visuals that will especially bright in high-end telephones. Although you can download Free Fire MAX in almost any Android device, in the premium ones you’ll be able to enjoy a level of detail in the graphics that we’ve not seen before, including new detailed textures in buildings, trees and even the character expressions. The shadows are the aspect of Free Fire MAX on which you’ll better notice the difference since they look very real even with your character, and therefore the camera, is moving. The level of detail also comes to some very relevant aspects of the battle itself, like the touch of realism we get in the animations of weapons reloading or the bullets hitting on surfaces like buildings, the floor or trees. 

Free Fire MAX also brings us a completely new and exclusive map, Bermuda Max, on which two teams of four players will have each other in a deathmatch with amazing secrets and surprises. Of course, such a new game mode based in cooperation and teamwork needs to come with a high-quality voice-chat, so you can design your strategy with your team mates and communicate with them in the hardest times. 

If you’re a player of the classic version of Free Fire, you can play this premium version with no hassle at all. Once you download Free Fire MAX in your Android device, you’ll be able to use the Firelink technology to login into your already existing Free Fire account. This way, you’ll be able to keep your progress, purchases and all items in both apps at the same time. Thanks to the Firelink technology, you can play in the same account in both apps in different devices with nothing to worry about.  

Another very good reason to download Free Fire MAX in your Android device is the Craftland feature. With this amazing builder, you can create your very own squad map with all your favorite items like buildings, structures and decorations. Although Craftland can only be accessed in Free Fire MAX app, players of the classic version of the game can also join the scenarios created by the players. 

Want to show other 49 players that your strategy is the best one? This is your chance! Enjoy the best battle royale games in Android with the best level of detail you can image, just download Free Fire MAX now! 

Free Fire MAX - Versione 2.103.1

Altre versioni
Che cosa c'è di nuovo1. Craftland Update - create, build, and share your own map!2. Clash Squad Season 9 - Begins 09/29 17:00 GMT+8.3. Airdrop Vending Machine now available in Battle Royale.4. New Weapon - Treatment Sniper now available in Battle Royale.5. Weapon Stats adjustments.6. Character Balancing adjustments.7. Replay system available for Battle Royale and Clash Squad.8. Players can now customize the amount of items to drop from bag.

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Free Fire MAX - Informazioni APK

Versione APK: 2.103.1Pacchetto: com.dts.freefiremax
Compatibilità Android: 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)
Sviluppatore:GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITEDInformativa sulla Privacy:https://sso.garena.com/html/pp_en.htmlAutorizzazioni:23
Nome: Free Fire MAXDimensione: 715 MBDownload: 2MVersione : 2.103.1Data di uscita: 2024-03-04 03:07:22Schermo minimo: SMALLCPU Supportate: arm64-v8a
ID del pacchetto: com.dts.freefiremaxFirma SHA1: 5B:32:0B:E5:0B:E7:E5:D0:1E:56:08:B6:66:43:2B:E0:A9:44:97:94Sviluppatore (CN): Organizzazione (O): 111dots studioLocalizzazione (L): Paese (C): Stato/città (ST):

Cos'è Free Fire Max?

Garena Free Fire Max è la versione migliorata del classico battle royale Garena Free Fire. Questa versione è stata creata per offrire un'esperienza ottimizzata su dispositivi premium, ma senza perdere la qualità di gioco che tutti apprezziamo: un battle royale immersivo e a ritmo serrato!

Che differenza c'è tra Free Fire Max e Free Fire?

Free Fire Max e Free Fire si differenziano per le caratteristiche tecniche del gioco, come ad esempio la qualità della grafica e le dimensioni. In Garena Free Fire max, le immagini sono decisamente più dettagliate e gli oggetti sono renderizzati molto più lontano rispetto al giocatore. Ciò comporta dimensioni del gioco leggermente maggiori e, di conseguenza, sono necessarie più risorse da parte del dispositivo.

Come si scarica Free Fire Max APK?

Per scaricare Free Fire Max APK premi il tasto 'Download' in alto e segui i semplici passaggi indicati.

Quanta RAM è necessaria per Free Fire Max?

Garena Free Fire Max necessita di un minimo di 4 GB di RAM per funzionare correttamente su dispositivi Android.

Quale versione di Android è la migliore per Free Fire MAX?

Garena Free Fire Max necessita di sistemi Android 4.1 o superiori.

Ultima versione di Free Fire MAX

2.103.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download715 MB Dimensione

Altre versioni

2.102.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download655 MB Dimensione
2.101.0Trust Icon Versions
2M download651 MB Dimensione
2.100.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download664 MB Dimensione
2.99.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download663.5 MB Dimensione
2.98.2Trust Icon Versions
2M download662 MB Dimensione
2.97.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download659.5 MB Dimensione
2.94.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download637.5 MB Dimensione
2.93.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download541 MB Dimensione
2.92.1Trust Icon Versions
2M download513 MB Dimensione
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